JCS Work Around The Clock On Nightingale Hospital Projects

JCS worked around the clock as a key partner in the NHS Nightingale hospital projects to deliver emergency facilities with over 1000 beds.

Critical Care Temporary Hospitals

Back in March, there was a very real fear that NHS hospitals would become overwhelmed by a massive influx of patients, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was an urgent need to create more space for patients hence the NHS Nightingale Hospitals – seven critical care temporary hospitals, spread across the nation with the first one opening in London.

Bangor Nightingale Hospital

The Department of Health and Social Care estimates that the combined set-up costs of the hospitals to be £220 million but what is more astonishing is the speed at which the projects were accomplished. The Nightingale Hospitals have showcased the exceptional skill and capability we have in the UK, particularly within the construction industry.

Thankfully, less than 200 people have needed to use the emergency hospitals at only two locations (London and Manchester) but the facilities will remain on standby.

1000 Beds In Less Than A Month

Back in January, China received a lot of attention for the rapid speed at which they were able to provide new hospital facilities, but it now seems we can also achieve such feats in the UK, thanks to our dynamic construction industry.

Many specialists from all areas of construction and manufacturing came together to rapidly open the Nightingale Hospitals and when what seems like a never-ending situation is over, we will be able to look back and take pride in what was achieved.

It’s something we’re taking pride in already at JCS Interiors – we played a key part in the delivery of three temporary hospitals and had to ramp up our game with tight deadlines, working in a situation nobody has ever experienced the likes of.

In total, we worked on three temporary hospitals, including Manchester GMEX, dubbed the ‘Nightingale of the North’ at the time of completion. We worked around the clock to provide secure spaces for up to 1000 beds in less than a month. Rather good going from our team!

Nightingale Of The North

Dubbed the Nightingale of the North when it first opened, Manchester GMEX was the biggest project we worked on. With capacity for 650 beds, plus another 100 if required, this project was no easy feat to complete.

The project was featured in the Manchester Evening News in April, with some great shots of the interior during construction work.

We worked alongside the NHS, plus a team from the Royal Engineers with expertise in setting up field hospitals to install partition walls and ceiling systems. The ‘cubicles’ we created play an important role in reducing the risk of infection spreading, as well as providing privacy for their occupants.

Our expertise in Structural Steel Framework Systems – prized for being fast to install, and suspended ceiling installation made us the perfect partner to get the job done quickly. Very quickly – the entire project was completed in 15 days.

GMEX Nightingale hospital

Bangor & Preston

JCS Interiors also worked on two other field hospitals to help the NHS should the pandemic reach unmanageable levels.

We helped transform the Sir Tom Finny Sports Centre in Preston into a 150-bed overspill hospital for Lancashire trusts, or as a facility to care for older people who could not return to nursing homes. Many locals spotted the presence of the army on site first, to clear away signage and sports equipment. We then went in to create partition walls and ceilings.

The last project we completed was the sports and leisure facilities at Bangor University, helping establish 250 beds in less than 12 days.

We’ve had a remarkably busy spring, but so has everyone else who has worked around the clock to help in whatever way they can during these uncertain times. We’re tired but our dynamic workforce is on hand should we be needed elsewhere at short notice.