Partition Drylining Contractor

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The team at JCS Interiors have been a partition drylining contractor for over three decades.

Working with the same clients over this period, JCS Interiors have completed projects from all sectors of the industry gaining a depth of experience which is valued by our clients.

JCS Interiors have created drylined partitioning across a wide range of clients; from office buildings and schools to hospitals and retail spaces.

Royal Preston Hopsital Critical Care Unit partitions for JCS Interiors

Partition Drylining Contractor

Partition drylining is a reliable solution, used many times over by expert dryliners to efficiently create partitions in any type of interior space. The JCS Interiors team use plasterboard systems to cover ceilings, create interior walls, including feature walls, and bulkheads.

JCS Interiors use a wide range of partitioning systems to which quality plasterboard is attached, resulting in smooth surfaces that are ready to be treated with paint or other finishes in a short amount of time.

This is one of the key benefits of partition drylining – there is no need to apply traditional ‘wet’ plaster; speeding up the creation of interior spaces and keeping the job cleaner. 

Partition drylining can also be used to increase thermal insulation when secondary insulation products are combined with plasterboard.

Plasterboard partitions are suitable for a variety of spaces with different condition, thanks to the various types of plasterboard we available on the market, including aqua boards for wet spaces, and soundboard for interiors where the noise reduction is the goal.

It is the aim of JCS Interiors to continue to improve how we serve our clients, how we provide technical solutions and maintain our innovative approach.

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Partition Drylining Benefits


Drylining is a much quicker way to create interior walls than traditional methods.


Drylining is cleaner than traditional partition methods as no ‘wet’ plaster is used.


Pipes, wires and other services can easily be hidden by drylining.


During refurbishments, plasterboard can be used to disguise uneven walls


Drylined walls are easier to decorate and provide a smooth finish.


Drylined partition walls are easier to remove/change if required in the future.

JCS Interiors Professional Partition Drylining Contractors

JCS Interiors have worked with a range of drylining products for over 30 years on projects of all shapes and sizes, including large developments where deadlines are important.

Comfortable with projects of all types from residential to commercial, JCS Interiors use superior drylining and partition systems to create functional spaces.

Using proprietary drylining systems means JCS Interiors efficiently install interior partitions that are of a high standard and meet all British safety standards and current drywall regulations. By only working with high-quality products from suppliers such as British Gypsum, clients are reassured of the longevity and quality of finished interiors.

JCS Interiors use a range of drylining methods, depending on the client’s specification, budget and timescale. From drylining systems to more commonly used taping and jointing, or where required applying skim-coats. Where the situation requires skimmed finishes, JCS Interiors make the process faster than traditional skim methods by using spray plaster.

Holding materials at our own facility means JCS Interiors always have access to product - avoiding unnecessary delays because of difficulty obtaining materials.

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