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Here at JCS Interiors we are always looking to work with exceptional individuals and contractors. If you would like to join the team, please get in touch.

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Why Work With JCS Interiors?

We treat all our colleagues fairly and with compassion. We are loyal to you and the rest of the team, whether you are employed by us or are a contractor. 

We are personable. We know work needs to be fun whilst you are on a job. We are up for that and have a great group of colleagues. You get what you see with us.

We pride ourselves on having staff who are leaders in their field. When you work with us, you will have every opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge in your field.

Variety is the spice of life! Whether we are improving NHS hospitals or installing specialist ceilings in schools you will get flexibility and variety.

The JCS team has 20 years’ experience in the field. That means our company is incredibly stable, with a solid stream of work coming in all the time.





Use Your Skills

When you work with us, either as an employee or a contractor, you can use your own skills and experience to have an input into the project. We don’t just want people to do as we say; we know you bring your own ideas!

We love providing innovative solutions to our customers, whether we are doing plasterboard feature works or structural steel framework.

Being innovative for us means finding a new approach to a problem or project to deliver on time and on budget. You can be a part of that ethos. 

How To Apply

You can get in touch with us on or apply through our social media channels.