Unity Commercial

17 story commercial office space averaging over 1000m2 of ceiling per floor.

DSCF0695 DSCF0696 DSCF0697 DSCF0698 DSCF0694


146mm ‘I’ studs forming walls and bulkheads over 2 levels, faced with 18mm birch plywood followed by directly bonded patterned glass panels.

DSCF0681 DSCF0683 DSCF0684 DSCF0685 DSCF0686 


17 floors of 1000m2+ SAS system 130 metal ceilings with MF plasterboard perimeters. SAS system 205 and MF rafts to core areas.

DSCF0687 DSCF0688 DSCF0689 DSCF0690 DSCF0691 DSCF0692